Stella 1 (Roman) Shipwreck

Stella 1 Shipwreck

Kotaro Yamafune, Ralf Singh-Bischofberger, Glenn Grieco

The Stella 1 model was developed in the Ship Model Lab by students Kotaro Yamafune and Ralf Singh-Bischofberger, under the supervision of Glenn Grieco.

Yamafune and Singh-Bischofberger’s model.

The 1:10 model represented the Stella 1 hull as it was revisited (it had been found and recorded in the 1980s) and recorded in 2011 by a joint team from Texas A&M and the University of Udine, under the direction of Massimo Capulli, and supported by the Promare Foundation, the Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation (CMAC) and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA).

Stella 1 model before being shipped to Italy.