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Jesús Maria de la Limpia Concepción, 1654

Filipe Castro


Country: Ecuador

Place: Shanduy, off Punta Carnero, 11 m deep.

Coordinates (Approximate): Lat. 2°36’S; Long. 80°51’W

Type: Galleon

Identified: Jesús Maria de la Limpia Concepción

Dated: Lost October 1654

History of the shipwreck

A galleon from the Pacific silver route, sailing from Callao, Lima, Peru, to Panama, sunk in 1654 off Shanduy, Ecuador, and was located in 1996 and salvaged by treasure hunters in 1997.

The artifact collection was divided between the salvage company, SubAmérica Discoveries, and the Ecuadorian government.

The treasure hunter’s coins are said to have been sold at auction in 1999.


Beam: Unknown

Keel Length: Unknown

Length Overall: Unknown

Number of Masts: Unknown


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