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Patricia is currently a PhD candidate, having earned her BA from Rutgers University and her MA from Texas A&M. She is interested in long term trends in ship technology and trade, especially during the colonial period. Using data from ship log books compiled by the CLIWOC project, she has been able to track trends in ship speed during the period 1750-1850. She is continuing this project. In 2014 she participated in the excavation of the Gnaliç shipwreck, a 16th century Venetian merchant that sank off the coast of Croatia.

Filipe Castro received a Licenciatura in Civil Engineering from the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa in 1984, an M.B.A. from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa in 1994, and a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University in 2001. He has conducted most of his research in Portugal where he started his collaboration with Lisbon’s Museu Nacional de Arqueologia as an amateur in 1992.